Silent sunday
15 June 2022

What is Silent Sunday

With Sunday being a day of rest for many people, the idea of a Silent Sunday appeals to many people. As opposed to the hype of a Super Sunday in the UK, a silent Sunday offer you a chance to relax and reflect at the end of a busy week.

Also, this is an ideal chance to prepare yourself for the week which lies ahead.

However, you’ll find, as with many things, Silent Sunday is a hashtag, and online or social media trend. The activity dates back to 2009, with Silent Sunday featuring people posting images to their social timeline with no words to explain the content.

Silent Sundays are a fun and relevant way to reach interest people

We’ve all heard how a picture is worth a thousand words, but this trend brings it to life. It’s a fun way to post, and whether you put no thought into what you share, or you map it out to a great degree, it is an enjoyable and effective way to share content and engage others on your site or social timeline.

Have you decided on images rather than music or video clips?

When you post an image with no context, you allow others to form their opinion on what you mean. This isn’t the case with video clips or even music. When people can listen to music and lyrics or follow a narrative, they’ll be led to a conclusion.

With Silent Sundays, everyone visiting your account has the choice to interact as they see fit. The responses or links others share with you after you post offers insight into people’s relationship and perception of your account.

With every week offering the chance to post Silent Sunday content, you can fill your calendar, giving you fewer things to worry about.

You don’t need to worry about details or words, but equally, you can allow visitors access to the real you, or things you care about. You can do so without fully committing, which helps ease yourself into new ideas or fresh topics.

You don’t have to game people to earn important links

Not everything you do for your social media timeline or web page is about building links or immediately selling services. People who do this often fall into the trap of creating spam, and they treat people as customers, and nothing else.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Everything you’ve posted builds your identity, connecting with interested parties. Whether you treat social posting as a game, or as a way to build, protect and save an audience for your business, you enjoy creative freedom.

Your silent activity can be online or offline, it can be quiet or ironically noisy! Accept this trend as a way to enjoy yourself, to support your business and others; and if you achieve this, you’ll prosper in the long-term.

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