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Bear is two and a half. And she would like you to know that the phrase “Terrible Twos” was coined just for her. You see, every single day and all through the night, she is faced with choices, and decisions. …

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A toddler with a grump-on is a toddler about to launch a tantrum

Bear will be two in just under 3 weeks and suddenly she has become tantrum central.  Since Bunny turned 4, the house has been mostly calm and fun with two little people filling our waking hours with their mutual play …

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Bear was 20 months’ old this week so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to record some of her developments before I forget them. She isn’t “talking” as such yet, but is repeating words and starting to understand context.  She …

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Bear has started this whingey noise that seriously hurts my head.  It is a very guttural wail that must make her throat sore or dry at least.  She goes on and on and on.  Yesterday, in the supermarket, the whole …

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