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Golly! Where have we been?! Well, having summer fun mostly, while getting used to being a single mum. Leaving a job that made me miserable and starting up my own business too. But yes, the summer holidays happened and they were …

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School is winding down for the long break, the sun is feeling hotter than it has in a long time, ice cold evening beers are a must-have  and even ice creams are becoming part of our staple diet. This week, …

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The summer makes it so much easier to capture beautiful photos of you two playing and enjoying life. The light from the sun casts interesting shadows… …the landscape provides a great backdrop. And your smiles as you have fun infect …

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After all the highs of the weekend in London, coming home and going back to work brought me back to earth with a bump. And just in case that wasn’t enough of a reality check for me, Bear has also …

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Herein begins the final week of the summer holidays and for the first time in my adulthood, I have that sense of dread, of sadness of those moments passing by, never to be repeated. Working in a school has meant …

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A tidier garden

So today the sun finally came out properly and sunshine is forecast for the coming days.  I cycled to work and Bunny got to scooter to school – and boy does she race there these days!   I spent the …

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