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Golly! Where have we been?! Well, having summer fun mostly, while getting used to being a single mum. Leaving a job that made me miserable and starting up my own business too. But yes, the summer holidays happened and they were …

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Last weekend, my parents returned home to France. Nothing too unusual, it happens about every 6 weeks or so, except this time, we went too. As they were driving down, we were able to go with them for very little …

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Broadstairs Folk Week

So we have a few more days until the summer holidays start for us (I have to work INSET days so don’t finish until Thursday lunchtime *sad emoticon*), but this hasn’t stopped me daydreaming about all the fun we can …

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Last Friday, with the Easter holiday officially coming to an end, we still hadn’t had a proper day out!  The weather was looking unpredictable so we couldn’t plan a picnic as I’d hoped.  I debated an afternoon in France, but …

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My parents live in the Dordogne region of France and so often we are told how lucky we are to have a cheap holiday destination to go to.  With a family of four, nowhere can really be classed as a “cheap” …

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