Memories are made of these

I started this blog to keep track of the little things (and big things) the girls did as they were growing up, alongside diarising what we’ve been up to as a family.  Yet, today I realised that it is impossible to do this as there are just too many little things that I want to remember, but know that I won’t.

Toddler and baby

Bear looking big and grown up next to Baby M

Take today.  We visited a friend and her 6 month old baby.  Bear kept giving her cuddles and it was adorable.  Bear got down off their sofa and climbed on their rocking horse and just sat there grinning away.  Little things, but ones I don’t want to forget.

When we got to the shops later on, it was raining, so she said “Hat, mummy. Raining. Uh!” with such indignation I had to laugh.

In the bath tonight, she was sat cross-legged like a buddha.  We asked if she was a buddha. “I a buddha”, she replied again and again. Tapping her round tummy with a giggle.

Bunny, too.  Her obsession with her height, how long her hair’s getting, what shoes she should wear with her outfit.  Can she try my necklace on?  How she’s “too tired to eat dinner”.  Then she’s “full-up”, but wants pudding.  And after pudding is “still hungry”!!

Then the lovely things she says.  Every morning she tells me my dress is pretty and that I look pretty.  She loves her cuddles and I treasure every one, even though they more often than not accompany some misbehaviour!  This weekend, Bear finally repeated those important three words, “I wuh oo”.  Not just once either.

All these precious, tiny things that should be creating wonderful memories, but unless captured by photo, video or written word are too easily forgotten.  I must try harder to record these magic moments!

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I’m linking this up to Magic Moments hosted by Jaime at The Oliver’s Madhouse

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One comment on “Memories are made of these
  1. Jaime Oliver says:

    I so so know where your coming from, there is so so much that i miss everyday so this is where #magicmoments was born! feel free any time to pop over and link up its so lovely to have you linked up this week! x

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