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kitchen interior design tips – create your dream space

Before considering a colour scheme and decorative details and pulls, it's preferable to get the flow of space and position of appliances just right. In order to ensure that your space is functional while also keeping with your desired functionality, consider how you and your family prefer to conduct activities using the kitchen area as well as other parts of the home.

A professional interior designer considers all aspects of the room they're designing, including the kitchen. So what is the best way to approach kitchen design? We’re here to help you understand your options so that you can make decisions regarding your individual needs and tastes. You'll want to keep a few key elements in mind as well as some general guidelines for how different types of kitchens can be arranged. For example, certain features should always be included, no matter what style you desire out of your new kitchen's aesthetic.

Make It Feel Extra Homey

Even if your kitchen is small or not particularly inviting, it doesn't have to mean that it can't have a sunny disposition. The cheerful yellow wallpaper in Shavonda Gardner's kitchen proves just that - and any room can be made more welcoming by using some simple tricks from the decorating playbook. As expected from a professional design blogger like Shavonda, her room has all the hallmarks of an aspiring top chef's cooking space. Featuring unlacquered copper pots, soapstone counters that quickly patina, and a simple central dining table instead of a kitchen island - all special features found in any professional cook's kitchen - this designer blogger's taste for décor was clearly influenced by her own passion for cooking fine foods; and we thank her for sharing these delightful insights with us!

Choose The Right Colour For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Just as you would in your living room, base your choice of cabinet colour on how well it will make the room feel. This is largely down to the amount of light that enters through a window, and where in the room the kitchen sits. So if you're designing a kitchen extension and don't have any windows by the sink or over the stove but instead have picture windows facing out into a garden for example, dark colours will absorb natural light rather than reflect it which may make that part of the room feel smaller and more closed-in.

One of the foremost considerations when selecting a kitchen colour scheme for your cabinetry is brightness. It's easy to fall in love with a particular shade from the local DIY store, but if it's too light there can be complications further down the line as you may begin to feel as though you don't have enough worktop space. Wood also tends to become even lighter over time, which could mean your kitchen will no longer be bright and welcoming once underway. Instead, choose deeper shades that won't fade and will give a room in which modern touches are prominent a calming atmosphere while adding warmth.

Is Your Kitchen Cabinet Design Right

Place Extra Chairs in Low-Traffic Corners

If the space is small and dingy, try some wallpaper with a little bit of shine to make the room stand out… even if it hasn't gotten any fresh air or new furniture in months. Sheila Bridges also opted for a complementary fabric on these accent chairs to enhance the soft blues throughout and tucked them in a low-traffic corner where they can only add to a great design!

Is Your Kitchen Cabinet Design Right?

When it comes to the style of kitchen cabinets there are a number of variables to consider. If your were in front of a cupboard or even any form of cabinet, you can never fully grasp what is going on behind the doors. The finish and shape may give an impression that it comes with an old-world charm while concealing the actual state behind curtains-like doors. You have to open the door if you want to get a true sense of its condition inside. (Figure out if you want these cabinets refinishing solutions such as DIY solutions ).

Have You Got The Right Kind Of Kitchen Storage?

When you plan your kitchen from the start, or when you're making plans to remodel one that's out of date and needs a face lift, one of the most important details to keep in mind is what sort of storage you need for each sort of item. For example: It makes no sense at all to have a cabinet that accommodates serving dishes and bake ware but also isn't large enough on its floor panels so you can get down on your hands and knees to see items at the back. The same principal applies here as well - with spices.  It's important to make sure there's adequate space to store spices in because if they're stored too far away from where you usually prepare food then it could be nearly impossible for someone like me - who enjoys cooking a great deal - from reaching them. This is something I personally keep an eye on because it happens all too often!

Choose The Right Colour For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Consider the Whole Home

Designer, Nicole D of Atelier ND only set one rule when embarking on this kitchen remodel: “No more pink!” So to prevent it from taking over the kitchen and keep it in-line with the other rooms in the home that had a rosy hue, she selected hues that are earthy, yet with a pop of colour (if you will). To achieve this look, she expertly paired other colours for example violet to the counters made out of Calacatta marble, which also appears throughout the home with some zellige tiles. And to capture even more pops of colour and love for detail, Nicole added a dusty blush tone to the rows of cabinets above.

Give The Kitchen Personality

Kitchens, contrary to the common belief that they are a single room concept only. These days, it is not uncommon to incorporate multiple sub-rooms into the design of a kitchen like 'an island', or kitchens separated by a countertop/bar area. This pattern could be modeled after the living room set up in your home and for that you need to add those personal touches that would make this space memorable and unique. No one wants their kitchen to resemble those from showroom so adding interesting details are an absolute 'must'. Adding in inspirational wallpaper designs, having custom cabinets made and adjusting up your window treatments could give this important room its own personality plus having quality flooring made sure there is both elegance and comfort when walking through it.

Mirror Your Surfaces

Mirror Your Surfaces

Like a delicious knight in shining armor, this island is touching on some of the homeowner's favorite design moves with metallic elements and mirrored surfaces. Plus, it brings some dazzle to the project by providing a stunning show piece for all the other trendy treats throughout, like the single pendant light, swirly patterns of marble and cobalt blue loft railing above.


Thank you so much for your time in reading through this article about kitchen interior design tips. With the information you learned, you can create your own kitchen that is the envy of all your friends. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. And don't forget to share this post with all your friends so they can make their home just as amazing as you do!

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