28 March 2023

How Long Does UPVC Spraying Last

uPVc windows are incredibly common in the UK. They are versatile and are a key component in both old and new builds. Inexpensive and long-lasting, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is a great material for everything from window frames to garage doors to conservatories. Arguably one of the biggest benefits to uPVC windows and doors is the ease in which they can be redecorated. It is really easy to colour uPVC windows through a process known as uPVC spraying. uPVC spraying - or uPVC spray painting - are a great and easy way to change the colour scheme of the outside of a property.

If you're looking at getting your uPVC windows spray painted, here's everything that you need to know.

Is Spray Painting UPVC Windows A Good Idea?

uPVC spraying has loads of benefits, but, as with many house renovation elements, there are also downsides. But do the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to uPVC windows? Should you spray paint the uPVC on your property?

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Why Should You Spray Paint UPVC Windows And Doors?

If you're looking for reasons to paint your uPVC windows or your uPVC doors, do not fret, there are plenty.

For one, painting uPVC windows and doors can help to boost the value of a home or property. When you get your home valued, the estate agent will evaluate an aspect known commonly as curb or curb appeal. This is essentially how nice your home looks from the outside. It will be based on things like the state of your brickwork, render, uPVC windows, uPVC door or doors, garage door, plants and even down to things like your driveway or front garden.

On top of that, uPVC window spraying is the most cost effective option when it comes to changing up the colour scheme of your uPVC windows. The other options include dipping or hand-painting your uPVC windows; dipping your windows and doors can be really labour intensive and this, as a result, costs a lot more. Dipping or vinyl wrapping your windows and doors tends not to last as well as uPVC spraying does. Hand painting uPVC lasts slightly better, but spraying uPVC windows covers more surface area and uses less paint, and reduces quality risks. Hand painting uPVC windows as opposed to using spray paint can lead to brush marks and a lower quality finish.

Spray painting white uPVC windows is a great way to prevent discoloration and make your uPVC last longer. White uPVC windows tend to discolour under exposure to extended UV rays, causing them to look shabby or old.

uPVC spraying is also better than completely replacing the current uPVC windows and doors. It is less disruptive and it does not include any actual building work, whereas replacing the windows and doors can involve rendering your home unusable for a short amount of time.

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Why Shouldn't You Do UPVC Spraying?

Despite these positives, there are some negatives that are worth considering before you decide to take on a uPVC spraying project. So what are the downsides to choosing to spray uPVC windows?

The biggest downside to uPVC spraying is that the spray paint, just like if you were to vinyl wrap or hand-paint the uPVC windows, is likely to fade and chip over time. It does last longer than vinyl wrapping but, like with any paint, it will still be affected by all of the exposure to the natural elements. When this happens, the paint will need to be chipped off and redone. Luckily, though, this isn't a frequent occurrence.

In addition to the paint changing over time, those who do uPVC spray painting may want to check beforehand to see if it voids any kind of warranties. If your uPVC windows or your uPVC doors have warranties on them, you may find that applying uPVC paint to them whether it be through a uPVC spray painting job or by hand, will void that. This then means that if your uPVC were to become damaged or stop working properly, you would likely have to pay more for maintenance.

On a similar note, anyone who rents will need to check with their landlord before uPVC spray painting. If you spray uPVC windows and doors without checking with the property owner, you will likely need to pay out at the end of the tenancy and will have to spray uPVC windows all over again to change the colour of the windows, the uPVC door or uPVC garage door back to whatever it might be when you first moved in.

There is a waiting time involved with uPVC spraying, as the primer and then each coat of the uPVC paint needs to dry before it can be touched or used. This can take a fair amount of time, especially in the wrong kind of weather!

How Long Does A UPVC Spray Painting Job Last?

If you pay for a professional job, uPVC spray paint on uPVC windows, uPVC doors or any uPVC surfaces can last for a decent amount of time. On average, with the right uPVC adhesive paint, windows that have been sprayed can last as long as a decade. In some cases, this can be even longer!

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How Much Does UPVC Spray Paint Cost?

If you want to hire someone to help you with spraying uPVC windows, you will of course have to pay a fee for the labour and the paint. Alternatively, if you have a paint sprayer, you can do this yourself and can paint uPVC surfaces without the help of a professional.

To hire someone, homeowners can expect to pay around £1,350 per house. For just singular windows or uPVC doors, this cost will be much lower.

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