Friday Photos: Youth Revisited

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They say youth is wasted on the young.  I have always taken this to mean that we fail to appreciate all the opportunities available to us while we were younger, and quite possibly are unable to take full advantage without the experience of age.

So, what do we do once we realise this to be the case?  We have children and try and relive our childhood through them, vowing not to make the same mistakes twice, to enhance the experience where possible and to enjoy it properly second time around! 

Children on seesaw

Seesaw Fun!

Children paddling in sea

Children playing in sand

Sand Fun!

Children with ring in pool

Pool Fun!

Children in long grass

Countryside Fun!

Children at Christmas

Christmas Fun!

Children blowing out birthday candles

Birthday Fun!

Children with parents in countryside

Family Fun!

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2 comments on “Friday Photos: Youth Revisited
  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. You may have started something here. Looks like you are doing everything right on the fun front!

    • mummysallygg says:

      Thank you! It is lovely to look back at my fond memories of my childhood and know that we can emulate some of it for my children too. It sometimes feels as though technology has taken over so much, that most of the innocent fun we had has gone. But it isn’t true and I find that quite reassuring.

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