Dry Skin Drama

cracked skin

As a child I suffered from eczema – not severely, but enough to be distressed by the persistent itching and the resultant sore, broken skin. As I grew up, the affected areas dwindled but never went away completely.

dry skin on legs

To my dismay, almost as soon as she was born, Bunny started showing all the signs of having it too and I’m always catching her scratching away at her legs desperate to defeat the itching. But then the tears come as the inevitable soreness kicks in, made worse by soapy water that stings the cracked skin. And it seems I’m not alone as research has proven that 13% of mums say that bathtime is quite literally a pain and 1 in 5 mums say the itching affects their child’s sleep. And it is always worse at night!!

As it isn’t severe, she was prescribed some generic emollient cream to use after baths as well as some branded bath cream to add to the water. Neither of them smell pleasant and to be honest, don’t seem to do a lot either as they’re very thin and watery.

So, as a big fan of coconut oil and it’s miracle healing qualities, I’ve preferred to smother that on outbreaks as the warm oil seems to work wonders.

However, this is treating an outbreak after it’s happened rather than avoiding it in the first place and while I’m conscious that Bunny’s diet may contribute, the ensuing protests that will result in taking away any of the little food she does like isn’t worth the effort at the moment.

Aveeno creams

So, instead, I have been looking for gentle and natural products that can be used frequently to keep the dryness at bay and avoid the itching in the first place. And to my delight, it turns out that Aveeno’s 70 year old colloidal oatmeal based range has more on offer than just the moisturising lotion I’d been using, and now includes bath & shower oil and non-greasy cream. As well as a lovely book to help children understand why they need to use the creams regularly, launched following some research (YouGov AVEENO® Skin Stories Study, 2014) which suggested that nearly half of the mums asked said their children don’t like their emollient routine.

aveeno bye bye dry skin book cover

As it happened, we’d been joking with the girls about how their dry skin makes them feel like lizards so the Ellie and Eddie book has been the perfect addition to our bathtime routine as we joke about transforming them from Eddie the gecko into lovely little Ellie. And the Aveeno products have seen a distinct reduction in the itching and complaining from Bunny about her eczema so it must be working.

What a relief!

Disclaimer: I was sent some of the Aveeno products mentioned to try with my children but have received no payment and am genuinely pleased with the results.

You can download a copy of the Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie here.

And if you’d like to try Aveeno for yourself (or your child), you can request a free sample

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