1 June 2022

Budget garden ideas

Gardening is one of the best hobbies that a person can take up. You get fresh air, a gentle exercise and beautiful looking plants to enjoy. But keeping your garden going and looking good is not an easy task. It involves a good deal of work and a comprehensive knowledge of plants. A budget garden may not be as well-kept as a gifted one but it's still beautiful and requires an equal amount of hard work. Here are some tips to help you keep your garden healthy and green.

Budget garden ideas can often be the best and they will help you achieve that lush green outdoor space you want - without spending megabucks on major landscaping overhauls or out-of-reach plants. One of the great things about exploring different types of garden ideas is that many of the most impactful looks often cost next to nothing to create.

A good example is a decked terrace, where crisp, white planters are surrounded by or stacked atop one another in order to form extravagant walkways or ramps between two or even three levels of your home; these tend to set an immediate visual tone for both inside and outside views alike. Such a design is also relatively cheap (in both time and money) to create, because it utilizes the sort of baskets normally reserved for indoor flora – but are instead deployed in this case outdoors to create a classical yet contemporary look; ornate wall fountains can be equally as easy - all it takes is some ingenuity and creativity.

How Can I Make My Garden Look Nice, Cheaply?

Making your garden look nice is not an easy task. The amount of effort, time and money it takes can be quite daunting. However, there are some cheap alternatives that can help you to make your garden look nice. This blog will look at these different options and how you can use them to make your garden look beautiful.

How Can I Make My Garden Look Nice Cheaply
  • In order to enliven the garden, try incorporating self-seeding perennials into it like Black Eyed Susans that are easy to divide but also provide a colourful presence over time.
  • Look for household objects that can be re-used in the garden. For example, a plant can grow successfully inside of an old sneaker - or even in a repurposed bird bath or any other unusual container you might find around your home.
  • Be sure to visit garden nurseries early and often as they are known to be the best places to find sale items from last year’s stock.

Group Small Pots Full Of Bright Flowers

Container gardening is a really budget-friendly way to decorate gardens. Giving plants some space and light near the entrance has several advantages from an aesthetics point of view too. Flowers are inexpensive, decorative and often the first thing that guests are drawn to when they arrive for a visit. This can be especially true in a small space or on a balcony or deck faced on home when there's not enough room for a full garden bed. You could even showcase them on a junkyard find like a step ladder to create the perfect feature for your garden!

Professional garden landscaper Ellen Wright says, “Baskets and pots can brighten up any outdoor space, and you don’t need expert gardening skills to plant them. There’s a selection of hanging baskets and pot types for all budgets; you can even choose most flowers and plants depending on your personal preference!”

Group Small Pots Full Of Bright Flowers

Vertical Planting As A Cost-cutting Garden Technique

Create impact with vertical storytelling incorporated into your garden design . We're talking pots fixed to walls, vertical gardens and plants that grow upwards, whether trees, larger shrubs, climbers or hedges, especially those good for quickly creating privacy, screening and security.

There’s the option to start with climbers, like Wisteria or Clematis which grow faster. If you want to save money in the beginning, choose bigger plants as they are healthier and will flower sooner. Another option is to use hanging planters for trailing plants like ivy or other small flowers native to your area.

Grow Your Own With Patience

Instead of buying more mature plants, buy young ones which can be grown by you to the size of the original ones at a much lower cost. It takes time, but patience is a virtue!

This is very relevant when it comes to planting a vegetable garden and growing it from seed. This will be much more cost-effective than buying lots of starter pots from garden centres.

Horticulture and landscaping lecturer Julia, says, ' You can buy mature plants or seedlings - about half of the people I see are keen on buying seedlings but it's important to note that it could take a long time for them to grow sufficiently whilst the mature variety will catch up. Both methods of gardening offer their own unique benefits. Young plants can be cheaper and they grow fast when you know what you're doing, but then again growing your own seeds is more rewarding and educational.'

Paint The Garden Shed

Did you know that over the last decade, garden shed painting has grown as an on-going trend? Many homeowners are choosing to give their exterior shacks a new coat of paint every other year. It's one way for them to spruce up the look of their garden . The best part is that it doesn't take hundreds of dollars or hiring a professional or artist to make the change happen. You can simply take your time with some help from your neighbours and friends and before long, it will be hard to remember just how ugly it once was!

Choose your garden colour scheme carefully in order to highlight the flowers - or select a darker flower pattern for the garden and paint it in dark colours like black and dark blue to create a feeling of stability. Also avoid planting colourful plants that don't understand when to be quiet.

Paint The Garden Shed

Go For Gravel

There are lots of ways to reduce the costs of garden landscaping. Bricks, boulders and wooden sleepers can be used for seating areas in place of seats. Both cheap gravel and cheaper bark is easier to lay down as ground cover on landscape fabric as it keeps down weeds, and you will manage to break up a larger area of gravel with oak sleepers or ground cover planting.

Gravel is very easy to install. Braves explains, 'While concrete tends to be used for a patio or path because of its cost and durability, gravel is one of the easiest and cheapest materials for this sort of use. Weed membrane applied to gravel provides an extra layer between it and what will be walked on. You can include an adequate amount of gravel in order to make the surface sufficiently heavy duty enough to hold up.'

Buy Bare Root Whenever Possible

If you want to save on garden staples like roses, raspberries and blackcurrants, buying them bare root during their dormant season is the best option. It's much cheaper to buy these plants bare root – you're not paying for pots and soil, just the plant. Bare root plants may not look as attractive when you buy them, but they are the exact same plants and will do just as well!

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