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I expose some of the truths about being a parent that they don’t tell you before you become one.

Bear has started this whingey noise that seriously hurts my head.  It is a very guttural wail that must make her throat sore or dry at least.  She goes on and on and on.  Yesterday, in the supermarket, the whole …

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Today I started a project I’ve been putting off for a long time.  I went up into the loft and got down bag after bag after bag of baby clothes, nappies, toys and other paraphernalia.  A friend is organising a …

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I’m planning a 4th birthday party for Bunny and have been taking notes at other parties I’ve been to, so that I can try and get it right.  It all seems like a bit of a minefield really!  Where?  Who …

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Bear is 19 months old on Saturday. This means that I have breastfed her for a whole 6 months longer than I managed with her sister, and there’s no sign of her being about to stop anytime soon! There is …

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