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I expose some of the truths about being a parent that they don’t tell you before you become one.

As lesbian parents, we are not active in the gay community, nor are we activists for gay rights. We are just two mums trying our best to bring up our two little girls in the best way we know how, …

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Bear is two and a half. And she would like you to know that the phrase “Terrible Twos” was coined just for her. You see, every single day and all through the night, she is faced with choices, and decisions. …

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I was in two minds about what to write about today.  The obvious post was in response to yesterday’s horrific murder in Woolwich, but Daft Mamma had already said pretty much all I wanted to say.  So, instead, I’m going …

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What is it with kids and food?  When they’re tiny, they’re little milk monsters, barely going a few hours without wanting more.  Then they start to wean and everything’s fair game.  Turn your back for a split second and they’ll …

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Time flies when you’re having fun.  I heard somebody say.  (It was Gloria Estefan (remember her?!).) But time flies when you’re just busy too. And having children certainly ensures that you never, ever have any time to yourself anymore.  In fact, …

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A few weeks ago, you may remember, I was planning Bunny’s 4th birthday party.  Well, it’s over now and not only can I breathe a big sigh of relief, but I can also share my learnings from it! I hired …

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