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When Bunny was born, I was determined to raise a girl not obsessed with pink, princesses, and fairies and for the first few years I did quite well. Then she started nursery and was introduced to the world of Disney …

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We took advantage of a Friday inset day to visit Chessington on a school day and use the £20 Pre-Schooler offer while Bear is still young enough. With Bunny now hitting the 1.1m mark, we had to pay full price …

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Bunny and Bear’s school chose the last two Fridays of term to have their inset days which was great news as it meant we could plan a longer weekend of fun together to make up for the all the time we …

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Over December, our reading material turned somewhat festive. When we finally finished the Famous Five books, we then turned to some short stories to take us through the month. The girls both loved the Marks & Spencer book The Fairy which …

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When I was planning the advent activities this year, I put a call out on Facebook for some suggestions of local events that I could include. Someone suggested we visit the Reindeer Centre. It wasn’t quite what I’d meant, but …

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As a child I suffered from eczema – not severely, but enough to be distressed by the persistent itching and the resultant sore, broken skin. As I grew up, the affected areas dwindled but never went away completely. To my …

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