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I wrote this last October for World Mental Health Day and shared it on Facebook. I thought I should share it here now for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. My story, my struggle, my truth. I’m not proud of this, …

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Margate is on the up

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We have no money. So the chances of getting away this year are looking pretty grim really. And while that is galling, I live somewhere so beautiful that every day has a feel of vacation about it. The views from …

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Incredibly, this week it has been a whole year since I left my wife and I can finally say that time is a great healer. I can now really see the highs and lows of the situation which were difficult to …

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Despite my best efforts, my children like nothing better than chips. Chips are just about the only thing they eat without a fuss. So when we were invited to try Beefeater’s new Autumn menu which claims to be the meatiest yet, …

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When I talk to a friend with boys, she tells me they have no real interest in what they wear and just let her dress them. Not so with little girls. They know what they want and nothing will stop …

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