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project365 day 341

A blustery dog walk and then Bunny had her Rainbows carol service at the village church and it was really lovely to see her be part of something I remember being such a big part of my childhood. The vicar was great fun too and it made for a perfect service.


project365 day 342

Bunny is getting quite demanding with her hair these days and with me having to rush into work early a lot, her mum has had to learn how to do it. This was her first attempt at an ‘Elsa plait’ and she did pretty well considering Bunny has a double crown!


project 365 day 343

Both Bunny and Bear had their Christmas performances at school today. Bear’s nursery class sang some songs they’d been learning and showed us photos of the fun they’ve been having over the term, while Bunny’s year group put on a funny nativity called It’s a Party and party bags were mentioned a number of times! Naturally, I loved every second of both of them and was proud of how well they both did.


project 365 day 344

Nanna and Granpa picked the girls up from school and the girls made paper chains and some decorations my sister had bought for them. Then Nanna taught Bear some ballet moves. This is her pirouette! I think they had fun!!



Last week, the girls wrote their Christmas lists and sent them to Santa, and were amazed to receive a reply from him in the post. I love how simple this idea is, but how magical it was for the girls. Well done Royal Mail!


project 365 day 346

While Bunny was at her Rainbows’ Christmas party, we took Bear to have a look at the Christmas Tree Festival run by the local church. The effort and imagination that went into each tree was fabulous and Bear was running from one to another in glee. She was especially delighted to have a game of peek-a-boo with Santa himself!


project 365 day 347

The advent calendar told us to go and visit some reindeer so we obliged and made our way to Capralama Farm near Pluckley in Kent for their Christmas grotto. After a cold wait in the anticipated long queues, smiles returned to the girls’ faces as they spotted a couple of reindeer curled up in a pen outside Santa’s grotto. Then they got to meet the big man himself, and even got a present to take home. We all loved the festive scenes that took us from the grotto to the eating area and then the girls had lots of fun meeting more animals and playing in the various areas of the huge barn next door. A great day out!


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6 comments on “341-347/Project 365
  1. What a busy week. I loving all the nativity photos.
    Cute ballet dancing

  2. 76sunflowers says:

    Love the festive photos! Carol services are so special and the tree festivals are great – yet to find one here though!

  3. Kara says:

    The nativity photos are gorgeous, we have ours this week, I cannot wait. The tree at the festival is amazing

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    cor you have packed a lot in this week .. i love school nativity 🙂

    What a super photo with Santa!

  5. Looks like a really lovely, busy week. How sweet to get the replies from Santa and brilliant to visit him!
    I would recommend YouTube for girls’ hairstyles. My daughter taught herself! She’s 8 now and has been doing her own hair for well over a year, she’s far better at it than me!

  6. TheBoyandMe says:

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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