Word of the Week #9

Word of the Week #9

I’ve been trying to think what word has dominated this week and have really struggled. Yet again, lots of Elsa chat from Bunny, some good bits of the week and some not so good bits too. But the one thing that has dominated the week – perhaps through extreme tiredness (I’ve had some very early wake ups and then discomfort and insomnia have stopped me getting back to sleep), maybe through not wearing enough warm clothes, or my colleague being somewhat partial to an open window, but all week long I have been:

word of the week cold


I just haven’t been able to get warm at all – Bear keeps stealing the duvet at night, or the car hasn’t warmed up enough or I’m standing waiting for Bunny to come out of school or I’m sat in my fridge-like office. It just feels like even though it’s been very Spring-like all week, I’ve just been unable to shake off the cold. Come on Spring proper now please!
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13 comments on “Word of the Week #9
  1. Leanne Rain says:

    brrrrrrrrrrrrr lol… Its certainly been cold this week that’s for sure… it seems like its getting colder 🙁 #WOTW

  2. Sharon Powell says:

    Iv’e been cold this week too. Roll on spring! x #WotW

  3. Laura says:

    I feel the cold very easily so you have my sympathy. Hopefully the warmer weather is just round the corner and we’ll feel the benefits soon #wotw x

  4. Sending warm thoughts as was lovely to chat to you at the Save the Children event.
    Those buds know what they are on about – Spring is on its way.

  5. You’re making me feel cold just reading this! Hope you get warmer this week, come on Spring! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  6. Kim Carberry says:

    I hate being cold it makes me so grumpy!! Hopefully we get some warmer weather soon x

  7. Im really hoping that spring does in deed spring up soon!! #WotW

  8. I do hate to be cold, would much rather have heat and plenty of it! I sympathise and echo your thoughts about Spring proper 🙂

  9. It sounds to me like you need a long soak in a hot bath! x #WotW

  10. Sam says:

    When I first saw your ‘cold’ picture read it as ‘Gold’ – was expecting a post about an unexpected windfall! Cold – not so great but at least there is a little bit more gold in the world this week as the daffodils are in bloom which has to signify a change for the better soon (surely!) We can only hope… #WotW

  11. Time for a hot chocolate and a hot water bottle. #WotW

  12. Aww it is cold. But it is spring now, hopefully it will warm up soon.

  13. I know what you mean. The sun’s out but our heating thermostat seems to be creeping higher! #WotW

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