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Word of the Week #9

I’ve been trying to think what word has dominated this week and have really struggled. Yet again, lots of Elsa chat from Bunny, some good bits of the week and some not so good bits too. But the one thing that has dominated the week – perhaps through extreme tiredness (I’ve had some very early wake ups and then discomfort and insomnia have stopped me getting back to sleep), maybe through not wearing enough warm clothes, or my colleague being somewhat partial to an open window, but all week long I have been:

word of the week cold


I just haven’t been able to get warm at all – Bear keeps stealing the duvet at night, or the car hasn’t warmed up enough or I’m standing waiting for Bunny to come out of school or I’m sat in my fridge-like office. It just feels like even though it’s been very Spring-like all week, I’ve just been unable to shake off the cold. Come on Spring proper now please!
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