Word of the Week #8

Word of the Week #8

There is only one word I can use this week:

DummyIf you read my post from yesterday, you’ll know we got rid of Bear’s dummy this week and it’s been traumatic, tiring and testing! But we are almost out the other side now and know it was the right thing to do! But in the meantime, the crying, sobbing and screaming for her dummy is ringing in my ears. Poor little mite – it really is quite a sad thing to watch as she says goodbye to her faithful friend.

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4 comments on “Word of the Week #8
  1. That sounds like a difficult time, I hope you get through it quickly x #WotW

  2. Oana79 says:

    Oh, hope she accepted the idea then. We gave Emma’s to the mermaids in exchange for DVDs and sweets, it worked really well.

  3. I read your other post, too, and looks like you’re getting there?! The first couple of days are bound to be the hardest for her, so hopefully you’re on the home straight now! Thanks for linking up with #WotW x

  4. Clearlybex says:

    Oh gosh, we have been doing the same. Fortunately removing the dummy during the day has been successful and not traumatic… I darent try the dummy at night yet. I will try that in a few months. Well done x

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