Word of the Week #4

Word of the Week #4

Week 4 already! And what a week!

Starting with an exciting trip to London that was somewhat marred by Bunny’s burgeoning illness that made her miserable and petulant all day, with the first episode of sickness that night. Which then disappeared for a few days, before returning with a vengeance on Wednesday.

So, I was very tempted to go with something vomit-inspired as my word of the week as our days and nights have been filled with it, but it didn’t seem right to overshadow the other big news of this week: the Team Honk Great Blogger Relay has made it to our little corner of the world!

So, to honour this once in a lifetime occasion, there is only one word that I can use this week!

wotw team honk

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21 comments on “Word of the Week #4
  1. Fab word and like you say, a one-off choice. That word always makes me smile 🙂

  2. So sorry about the sickness but what a great word, all the efforts of everyone made by Team Honk have been astounding!!! x

  3. Strange word but good cause! x #WotW

  4. Mama H says:

    Honk is DEFINITELY the #wotw !

  5. Fab word! Sorry to hear about the sickness, though. Hope all’s well now. Thanks for linking up with #WotW x

  6. Such a great word! It comes to us in February-getting excited. We’ve had sickness too so you have my sympathies xx

  7. amanda walsh says:

    HONK HONK! Fab word of the week
    Looking forward to doing my bit when it comes to Manchester in March

  8. Sharon Powell says:

    Great word! Sorry to hear about bunny, hope she feels better soon x

  9. Sam says:

    Awesome word – I’m keeping my eyes peeled for potential passwords at work and this could fit the bill! Hope health returns soon. #WotW

  10. Well done on getting involved with a fab cause!

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