Word of the Week #32

After the exhaustion that comes from three nights at a festival, pulling little ones around a hilly site in a trolley, this week should have been about recovering. However, we’d signed Bunny up for some extra

word of the week swimming

lessons as part of the swim teacher training scheme. Meaning that on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, we’ve had to be up and out of the house by 8am. And on Wednesday evening, she also had her usual lesson as well.

So this week has been spent going to and from the leisure centre, watching Bunny learning to swim for an hour a day (in other words, sitting on a bench writing blog posts in my notebook and trying not to miss when she waves at me from the pool so she thinks I’m watching intently the whole time) and trying to dry out her wet swim things before the next morning. On the plus side, it has been great watching her confidence in the water grow and her technique improve (slightly – will she ever stop cycling her legs and just kick them?!).

word of the week water guns

In between, we’ve also had a birthday tea party for Bear, a day at the zoo, a day with school friends at soft play, a new seesaw for the garden, water gun fun and some messy finger painting play on the new tuffspot.

I’m still exhausted, and only have today to recharge my batteries before the local highlight of the year begins tomorrow – Broadstairs Folk Week. I can’t wait!

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