Word of the Week #30

There is only one word I can use this week and that is

word of the week sand

As I mentioned in last week’s post, we headed to the beach to enjoy the sunshine that afternoon and as always, seemed to bring most of it home with us. And then, when the sun disappeared for a couple of days, started our teacher gift project – making sand bowls!

sand bowl

I’ll write more about this in another post, but suffice to say that there was a lot of mess and sand everywhere. And they took days to dry so have been on my mind most of the week as I worried that they might not be ready in time! Thankfully, with the help of lots more sunshine, they were and were delivered intact (as far as I know, at least!).

sandy bottom

And, as the sun set on Bunny’s last day of school, we had a meal overlooking the beach before ice cream on the steps leading down to it and running and dancing on the sand. And with the first full day of the holidays, we spent a fantastic afternoon on yet another beach, filling the pockets of our sun tent with more sand to prevent it taking off in the refreshing breeze and yet again bringing lots of sand home with us.

I love the beach, I love that we have sand here, not shingle, but I also hate how sand gets into everything – all the food and drink, my phone, and even two little bottoms: filled with slightly sweaty, damp sand that has to be cleaned away before bed else even the sheets are blessed with a fine layer of it!