Word of the Week 29/08/14

I missed last week’s Word of the Week, but if I’d had time my word probably would have been cold. And this week’s word is related to that, even though we’ve had some warmer days too. But with just days to go before I return to work and Bunny starts back at school, the colder weather, the darker evenings, the end of the holidays, are all just making me

word of the week sad

It’s no secret that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (more commonly known as SAD) but this week has seen it return with vengeance. I have no energy or enthusiasm left. My plans for a last camping trip of the holidays are gone as the thought of even trying to get things together enough to go away is even too hard.

I am so sad that the holidays are nearly over, that the weather wasn’t as good as it was supposed to be, that we didn’t get to the beach enough or have enough picnics or adventures. I’m sad that Folk Week was a disappointment and that all I can see ahead now are shorter days, more darkness, colder and colder weather and work. And then my little baby starting nursery – her first tentative steps to final independence from me.

My heart is breaking at these losses. Insignificant and irrelevant in the bigger picture (as the world has so cruelly reminded me again and again this week). But losses that hurt all the same. But I have children and I will continue. And as I do so, I will dream of escaping to warmer climates, of leaving the monotony of real life behind as my children and I explore the world from a campervan. Things I’ll never do, but if I don’t have dreams, I have nothing.

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10 comments on “Word of the Week 29/08/14
  1. Louise says:

    🙁 the end of summer makes me sad too – and those little milestones are so bittersweet too. Hopefully we’ll have some nicer weather for these last few days of summer for you to be able to enjoy x

  2. I love the cooler weather and can’t wait for it to come but this week iv’e been feeling a little blah about it too. Hopefully you have a great weekend and feel a little more positive x #WotW

  3. Stephanie says:

    Sounds tough right now, hopefully you can find some inner sunshine for when there’s none outside x

  4. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Massive hugs to you!
    This time of the year is rubbish….The end of summer makes me sad.

  5. Aww sorry to hear you are not having the best week, the gloominess of the last week or two really has taken the last bit of summer away from us hasn’t it? Such a shame. Big hugs and hopefully you feel a bit better soon xx #wotw

  6. I can definitely relate to the sadness of babies growing up and away. As you say, so insignificant in the cruel, bigger picture, but it still hurts. Summer is ending poorly, I agree. I do hope you find something to look forward to and lift your spirits again soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. The end of summer is a hard one, my little one is only 2.5 so we don’t have the whole back to school part yet. But I’m sure that will make it sadder. Though if I’m honest I adore autumn/winter and cooler weather. Hope you had some lovely summer moments and memories xxx

  8. Helen says:

    So sorry to hear that you are affected by SAD – that does sound miserable indeed. Hope there’s a late summer/september return of the sunshine to cheer you and failing that a holiday somewhere warm in the not too distant future.

  9. Kate Holmes says:

    You can certainly achieve that dream. You have a condition and it plays with your thoughts. Do you have one of those light box things – I hear great reports of the difference they make.
    Keep on keeping on – you are strong enough to do that and the smiles will return.

  10. Been down too lately but I am getting better and then the weather is becoming like this. I dont know how you feel of course but I can relate. If I am down when the weather is like so.. I can only imagine how down I will be this colder months. Hopefully my son starting school will make my head busy. I dont know how to end this comment but I do wish that things will be better for you. #wotw

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