Word of the Week #27

When Bunny started at her school, she and one of the girls from her nursery class became firm friends. The two of them had been part of a little group that were split up when they joined the main school and suddenly they were as thick as thieves. As they grew closer, the more we grew worried about what would happen when the class groups for year 1 were announced (for some reason, this school mixes the classes up each year); would they stay together or be split up? And this week we found out.

word of the week school friends

On Tuesday, Bunny came home in tears – they’d been told their classes for next year and her and her bestie were being split up. There was nothing I could say to console her, she went to bed in tears, and woke up the next morning sobbing, claiming she was having ‘horrible feelings’ about school. This continued throughout the day and I couldn’t convince her otherwise.

On Wednesday evening, she went to her second swimming lesson without her best friend and I was dreading it as she’d claimed not to like it without her there. Then I spotted one of the mums from school and discovered her son was now in the same class as her. As I sat down to watch I was taken aback by the beaming face I saw as she interacted with this boy. I knew they were classmates, but their body language suggested they were much closer than that. As they played and laughed so happily, all fears about how she would cope without her best friend evaporated instantly. I saw a different Bunny that evening, one that could enjoy company beyond her best friend and enjoy it in a more natural, equal way. Because, much as I love her best friend and seeing them so happy together, the dynamic between them is definitely one where Bunny is much more submissive than usual. She is in awe of this little girl and will do anything she’s told by her. Including not playing with any other children or sitting alone while her friend plays with someone else for the day.

So it was with bittersweet trepidation that I sent her off to school for her

word of the week transition

Day, where she would spend some time in her new classroom, with her new teacher and new classmates. As she reluctantly walked through the gate, she told me she knew she wasn’t going to like it, “ever”! I spent an anxious day at work, hoping that she would discover a forgotten friend in her class or that some other miracle would happen to change her mind. As I had to stay late and couldn’t meet her from school, I asked for wife to text me to let me know how it had gone. This was the reply:

Bunny is very happy with her new class now. She sat next to O (a girl she said she liked) and T (the boy from swimming).

When I got home, she couldn’t wait to show me the sticker her new teacher had given her and told me she was really excited to go into year 1. No mention of her best friend at all. So finally, the drama appears to be over, but what a long week Transition Day turned into!

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9 comments on “Word of the Week #27
  1. MummyTries says:

    Oh my word, bittersweet is right! Glad things were ok in the end! Good luck for Year One 🙂 #WotW

  2. Louise says:

    So glad the transition day turned out well in the end – hope she manages to make lots of new friends when she starts school. Must be hard at first when they get separated from the friends they are used to.

  3. Aw bless her, I am glad she has settled in the end. I am sure she will have an excellent time with her new found friends. Best wishes for Year one 🙂 #WotW

  4. Oh, such a relief! I’m so pleased that she’s now happier about it all and it sounds like it will be better for her in the long run, too. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. So glad she is ok now, so hard for young children to cope with change. My youngest is 6 and they mix the classes each year at her school as well but so far she has managed to keep with her best friends but if she had been split from them I imagine we would be going through a similar situation to what you have described! #WotW

  6. Oh I’m glad she is looking forward to year 1. Our school has the same system of mixing them up every year too which has resulted in our son being split up with his best friend too. Thankfully he has another friend he is looking forward to sitting with instead. #WotW

  7. Our school mixes classes up every year and last year separated my daughters group of four into 2 classes and she wasn’t impressed but we hope they will all be back next year. I’m glad she is looking forward to year 1 must be relief for you! #wotw

  8. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Bless her! So glad she likes her new class after all….It must be such a relief for you. #WotW

  9. One of the things that my son is good at is playing with just about anyone. But this is because he is young. When I think he is in the age that they are more attach to people/ person he will also feel sad when he would lose best friends. But your post is such a good read as this made me hopeful that even when there are changes my son is going to be okay just like your little girl =) #wotw

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