Word of the Week 24/10/14

Half term is so close I can smell it so my word of the week is:

Word of the Week Light

Because the light at the end of what has been a very, very long tunnel just got a bit brighter! My job is still causing me serious amounts of stress and I am hating how inefficient and disorganised it’s making me seem, but I’m slowly getting on top of things and the deadline frenzy is nearly at an end for a short while. So hopefully I will be back to being the person I’m used to being at work fairly soon.

Diwali diva lamp

Light is also appropriate as it is Diwali which literally means Festival of Lights and Bear has been really excited to learn about it at nursery this week – making a diva lamp to light, creating a Rama and Sita puppet and even trying some traditional sweets. It has been her first full week of really being engrossed in what nursery can offer her and has been wonderful to listen to as she regales us with the stories she’s been learning.

On a less bright note, a light has been extinguished for good this week: my laptop has well and truly died! A kind colleague tested the power pack for me and as it was working fine, it means the motherboard has blown – not easily or cheaply fixed. I have resorted to using an old laptop that turns off if I move and with erratic keys that don’t type. Which is why I haven’t been very interactive recently – so apologies for the lack of comments – I have been reading!

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