Word of the Week #24

Such a long week and it’s still not over. ¬†Shadowing my new role all week which has meant early starts at work and late finishes – and while nowhere near the hours I used to work, I’m really struggling with it. I am finding juggling my current job demands (this is a deadline period and the pile on my desk just isn’t getting smaller) mixed with trying to do a new job and remember all the minutiae of it so tough. I have had to stand up in front of 170+ school kids and address them without any preparation and with the man who’s been doing it for decades watching and assessing me. No pressure then!!

I know he’s trying to teach me carefully (and he’s a great teacher fortunately), but I can’t help letting the self-doubt in and it¬†feels like he’s trying to trip me up all the time (which of course has made me super-clumsy and forgetful) and I have been feeling sick all week with the pressure of it all. I am really lucky to have the opportunity of this handover period but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t finding it all very

word of the week stressful

Fortunately, there’s only another week of the exam period so I’m hopeful things will get a little easier after that. Although with a number of training courses in the next few weeks as well, I’m not convinced! I’m still so excited by the opportunity but it’s tough in this changeover period. Maybe once I’m doing it on my own I will relax a bit. I certainly hope so!

And if you’re at Britmums Live next week, please excuse me if I just talk rhubarb at you. I’m not sure my brain will still be functioning by then!

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5 comments on “Word of the Week #24
  1. I hope things get less stressful. It’ll be the summer holidays soon x #WotW

  2. Ooh, that does sound stressful! I think you might definitely find it easier once you’re able to work under your own constraints as opposed to someone else’s xx

  3. Kim Carberry says:

    That does sound stressful …I hope things get easier soon x

  4. Try not to stretch yourself too thin and grab some you time

  5. Sounds really stressful and tough going at the moment. I’m sure once you’re into it and your confidence grows it’ll be easier. Hope next week it lets up a bit x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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