Word of the Week #23

What is my word of the week this week?….

Well, we had a wonderful holiday last weekend and lots of firsts as a family, including swimming together in the pool there, going to shows and even a pantomime and staying in an hotel with our own rooms.

And then, this week, I’ve been shadowing the person whose role I will be taking over in September to start to get an idea of the scope of the job.

So, for me, for my family, this has been a week all about the…

word of the week new


We’ve had new experiences, new routines, new challenges and new tasks.  All of which has been exciting and fun and will eventually lead to a new way of life for all of us.  I am now less able to do the school runs which has meant earlier starts all round and more walking (or scootering, actually) for Bunny.  It has also meant more park visits for Bear with the dog, and will hopefully also mean me getting to use my bike more as well.

It feels like a very positive time of change for us and while I really enjoy my current job, I can’t help but be excited by what’s ahead!

The Reading Residence