Word of the Week 21/11/14

A series of challenges, set-backs and even censorship have seen me lose my

word of the week blogging

mojo recently, but as usual, I’m determined not to be beaten. After all, when everything else around me is getting me down, this is the one thing that boosts me up. So this has to be my word for the week.

I even finally managed to publish a post, although my dodgy old technology saw it take at least three times longer than it should have, but it’s a start!

And with every post I manage, I get a little bit closer to being back on top of things. I’m not sure I’ll ever get round to writing up our summer fun (and it would probably be a bit weird to do it now), but I will push forward through the challenges and keep going. This is my baby and I love it (and missed it).

I am also trying some new ideas out so would love your feedback on anything that’s a bit different to the norm. I did think I was getting a bit stale before – almost posting for the sake of it, so now want to be a bit more creative and try new writing styles out. I hope you enjoy it!

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One comment on “Word of the Week 21/11/14
  1. Glad you’re starting to get your mojo back 🙂

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