Word of the Week 19/09/14

There really is only one word for this week and that is

word of the week time

Or rather, lack of it! I know it’s starting to be a bit of a theme now, but seriously, there just isn’t enough time each day. I get up, I get ready, I get the girls breakfast and eat mine while making lunch and prepping dinner. I take Bunny to school and rush off to work. With two days out on a training course an hour’s drive away and then a full day of exams to run today as well, work has been crazy busy the two days I’ve had to get everything submitted for a┬ádeadline that also hits today. So I’ve been staying as late as I can and either rushing home to make dinner before it gets too late for the girls, or rushing to take Bunny to her growing list of clubs. And then when the girls are eventually in bed, I’m sitting down to catch up on real life for an hour before heading to bed myself.

Ironically, I spotted a VERY well-paid job that is almost identical to my pre-Bear London role this week. It’s south of London but still a long commute from here and I was tempted… for a split second. Then I remembered that even working 1 mile from home I don’t feel I get to spend enough time with the girls, so no money could tempt me. Although it nearly did!

Next week, the two big deadlines will be out of the way and my first set of exams will be over so I’m hoping to take some time to breathe again and try and get my head around the new role and trying to organise life better so it doesn’t all seem like such a bloody rush all the time. Nearly there…!

word of the week time out

And at least I had time to have a good time last weekend as I caught up with some fab friends on a much needed night out. It’s been a long time since I did that too so it’s time for that to change as well.

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2 comments on “Word of the Week 19/09/14
  1. Ah, glad you at least managed some time out for yourself, in amongst the routines and madness of daily life. Hope you get a little rest time this weekend, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Never, ever enough hours in the day! Glad you managed a little time for yourself, that’s always the one that falls off the bottom of the list x

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