Word of the Week #13

This week, it has been birthday central in our house so there has been lots and lots and lots of…

word of the week cakeOn Sunday I baked a buttermilk cake for Bunny’s birthday party, and I made a marmalade tea loaf to try and tempt the sick people in our house to eat something.

During the week, I took a slice of leftover cake into work each day instead of having biscuits mid-morning.

Then it was my birthday and I had to make cake to take into work. So I made another buttermilk cake and also creme egg brownies (and yes, they are as delicious as they sound). And while I was at work, a parcel arrived for me at home, full of mini cakes from my sister. They were beyond AMAZING, but now, I actually think I have had enough cake to last a lifetime. And that is something I never, ever thought I’d say!!

Because, I LOVE cake. With passion! But baking 4 cakes in as many days and eating that many and more has challenged even my obsession!

Luckily, this feeling will pass quickly and I’ll be very glad to discover there are cakes still to be eaten!

The Reading Residence