Word of the Week 12/09/14

This week can only be described in one way:

word of the week frantic

With a new role to learn, an office and storage cupboard full of files and documents to get familiar with, and a constant stream of people to my office with enquiries and requests, I literally haven’t stopped at work. And working longer hours has meant getting home too late to start cooking dinner. Rather that give in to fast food temptations, I’ve been trying to utilise the many kitchen gadgets I own to take the pressure off with slow cooked meals and timer cooked doughs prepped while I eat breakfast (and I always welcome new ideas for cook while I’m working recipes if you have some).

word of the week frantic

Where to start?!

With Bunny back at swim club and about to start Rainbows tonight, and dinner starting later we’ve had a few evenings off-routine and even a couple with Bear who’s taken to napping in the day time this week. Meaning that by the time I’ve sat down in the evening, all I’ve wanted to do is go to bed. But with my first sponsored post in a while to write I’ve had to prioritise that. And while it may sound as though I’m complaining, it was a post I really wanted to write anyway and I actually enjoyed it even though it took longer to finish than normal!

But seriously, I could sleep for a week right now if I could!

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10 comments on “Word of the Week 12/09/14
  1. Louise says:

    Wow that does sound like a very busy week. Good luck with adjusting to your new role at work and hope you manage to catch up on sleep at the weekend.

  2. Em says:

    Gosh that sounds a very busy week! Hope you get to relax over the weekend 🙂 x

  3. don says:

    Hope it sorts into shape for you, having lost over two days to sleep so far this week I wouldn’t recommend it. My MS has made me feel really rubbish this week but hey ho it’s not all bad. You sound like your secretly enjoying it. Have a good weekend I know I am going to. Don

  4. Ooh, sounds very full on. I can recommend bolognese in the slow cooker-and if you make enough you can turn it into lasagne the following night. And pulled pork, with apple chunks and cinnamon-150 mls of water, stock cube, teaspoon of cinnamon and a couple of apples into chunks and cook for 7 hours on low.
    Hope you get some rest soon x

  5. Mel says:

    Those shelves look like they need a lot of TLC and a good sort out! Good luck with it all. Make sure you post the ‘after’ photo, once you have managed to get it all under control. #WotW

  6. It does all sounds very frantic! I hope you manage to find a routine soon, and more importantly, manage to get some rest! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  7. Kim Carberry says:

    Wow! It does sound like you’ve had a busy week! I hope things settle down soon and you get some rest over the weekend x

  8. Karen Bell says:

    Sounds like a very busy week, I hope things calm down for you soon. #WoTW

  9. Wow what a #WotW! Hope you get through it all and can relax on the otherside!

  10. Awww I hope you get that sleep. Really hard to do so many roles but I know they are all important to you. Wishing your will have a less frantic week next week =) #wotw

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