Word of the Week 10/10/14

As another week passes my word of the week is

word of the week brink

Bear is just on the brink of going into nursery without a fuss. She is definitely enjoying it more and even chose to go and play with the animal figures instead of going outside with the other children. But she didn’t cry, cling to me or need her teacher to distract her while I made a hasty exit. And she loves being there once she settles in. So now we have a plan to move forward with. She loves the little animals so that will be our focus each morning from now on.

We also met with Bunny’s teacher this week for her first parents’ evening. He confirmed that she needs to learn to focus more to improve her progress (something I already knew) and encouraged us to take her to the library to invigorate a passion for reading and make it less of a chore. We all agreed that she needs to make a decision about which hand she prefers to write with and focus more on that too as being ambidextrous is going to be a hindrance if she doesn’t find a dominant hand. She’s doing well and with a little extra push is on the verge of really grasping the basics.

And likewise, my job is still frantically busy and frightening, but for the first time since I started, I’ve started to feel a little bit more in control this week. I’m not there yet, but I can just about see a light at the end of the tunnel as I begin to grasp some of the terminology and processes that lie at the basis of my role.

Not an exciting week, but certainly a positive one as we all move forward, all on the brink of achieving so much more with just a little bit of a push. The hard work isn’t over, but it’s starting to seem manageable at last.

The Reading Residence