Word of the Week 05/09/14

Back to work for me, back to school for Bunny. Suddenly summer is finally over and it feels as though we didn’t get to do anywhere near as much as I’d have liked. But I also can’t help feeling that I didn’t make the most of the time off to get

word of the week organised

And now I’m busy trying to organise my new role at work. The previous holder preferred the ‘print everything off’ style of working and so I face the challenge of searching through many, many piles of paper for key documents and information. From the transfer of the online folders he had, there are very few which means either I haven’t had everything yet or he really did just work with paper. Now obviously, there’s nothing wrong with that if it works for someone (which it certainly did for him), but for me it is a nightmare – I find it really difficult to work with hard copies and much prefer everything to be online so have spent the first few days trying to transfer some of the information into online folders. And I’m enjoying the challenge of getting organised, but unfortunately, there is actual real work to do as well so I’m not getting as much time as I’d like to get organised properly so that I don’t come across all bumbling idiot without a clue whenever I’m asked a question.

And then with the first school run of the new academic year, I’d also stupidly booked the car in for a service as well which added to the pressure of an already fraught morning. I was sensible and got everything possible organised the night before so it ran ok in the end, but I’m not sure I’ll have the energy to keep it up! I’ve been baking bread rolls for my lunches and am trying to be a bit more creative than cheese or ham sandwiches with a packet of crisps and an apple but again, this requires a bit more organisation than I’m used to!

Thank goodness for a short first week and thank goodness I like to be organised. Having a routine again certainly helps with that so perhaps I’ll actually thrive on being back and working in this new role. Fingers crossed.

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7 comments on “Word of the Week 05/09/14
  1. Organisation is so important to me. We have quite a military schedule every weekday and it gets thrown off course havoc will ensue. I can’t believe that guy had everything hard copy only, what a nightmare!!! xx

  2. Em says:

    I’m trying to be more organised too, I’ve bought a filofax in the hope it may help me!

  3. Gosh, i thought I was organised but reading this I’m not so sure! I hope next week continues in the same productive vein for you 🙂

  4. I do hope you manage to organise everything at work soon. You’re sounding pretty organised to me, though, but I’d say you were mad for booking the car in!! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. Kim Carberry says:

    It sounds like you’ve been so busy!

  6. Can totally relate to your word this week, I had to ensure everything was ready so I could get up to leave the house super early so organisation was key. Makes me kinda realise how bad I was before 😉 #WotW

  7. I sounds like you have been really organised getting ready for going back to school, I shall have to take a leaf out of your book and do a bit more baking! #WotW

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