Word of the Week 04/12/14

I probably shouldn’t mention this word again as it appears to have something of a Marmite reputation – while there’s a lot of love, there’s also equal amounts of disdain for the Christmas

word of the week elf

Personally, I think they’re a great bit of fun that help add to the Christmas spirit. In fact, I can’t really see how merely opening a cardboard door to extract a shaped chocolate adds anything other than a sense of naughtiness at having chocolate before breakfast.

With our elves arriving fresh from the North Pole and full of mischief, imaginative play and cheekiness, they are just the ticket for promoting the mood of the season, and are a great way to ensure Christmas lasts all month – as it should!

With Bunny’s excitement mounting, a busy day on Sunday was made more frantic by the realisation that we had no idea where our elf door had been stored over the year. I turned the loft and every cupboard and drawer upside down and inside out. Only to find it in the cutlery drawer in the kitchen – possibly the most used drawer in the house!

A week of activities were printed out and cut into mini cards to place in the daily pockets and then we were ready for the elves’ arrival.

Which, if you read my post earlier this week, you will know went down very well.

Christmas elves alphabet blocks

Of course, the rest of the week has been spent planning what the elves will be getting up to overnight and then clearing away the inevitable mess the next morning!

It may only be week one, but the elves have already taken over our lives!

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