Word of the Week 03/10/14

It was my sister’s birthday last weekend and in true modern form, she sent a Facebook event invitation to her friends and family to meet for drinks and lunch in town. As it was a Sunday lunchtime, there was no reason at all not to be there so fairly early on Sunday morning, the girls and I caught the train to

word of the week London

We were meeting in Southwark, so got off the train at Waterloo and enjoyed the walk, views and ambience of a very sunny afternoon on the Southbank. Bunny was really interested in the charity walk that families were doing, especially when I explained that they were trying to raise awareness and money for the illness her best friend suffers from (diabetes). After that, she made me read out every card the fundraisers were wearing.

We popped into an art exhibition and the girls were excited when they were given cards with an example of the artist’s work called ‘Nightbus’ on it. It wasn’t entirely appropriate for young children, as anyone who knows the London nightbus will concur but they didn’t seem to care!

word of the week london

And then we spent a fab afternoon in the company of my family and their lovely friends before taking two tired little girls home again.

word of the week london

Then, on Tuesday, I had a conference in Kensington, so found myself on the early train into Victoria ready for another long day. As conferences tend to be in windowless rooms, I took advantage of the time I had to get there and walked to the venue, enjoying the chance to look around the area properly in a way you can’t from a bus or the tube!

word of the week london

And then the commuter train home. I’d forgotten my headphones so sat and listened to the banter shared between commute buddies and watched the sun setting across the fields from the large windows. I do miss working in London at times, but couldn’t go back to that life full time. At least the girls are sharing the excitement of the bright lights and big city!

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