Woodland Walking and Beach Fun

As mentioned in my previous post, we had a busy Bank Holiday weekend and really made the most of all the sunshine.

Viking Bay Broadstairs

Enjoying the Bank Holiday sunshine in Broadstairs

On Saturday we took a pleasant stroll through a park, down onto the beach and along the promenade to the Louisa Bay cafe for some ice cream before heading back up to the clifftop and back to the car.  Bear tried her scooter a couple of times but wasn’t too sure, but Bunny really got the hang of it this time and was scooting around really quite fast, making it difficult to keep up at times!

On Sunday, we decided to visit a local dog rehoming centre and register our interest in getting a dog.  As we’re looking for a puppy ideally, due to the age of our girls, we understand that it could take some time before one becomes available so thought it worth getting our names down sooner rather than later.  They confirmed that being the most south-easterly point of the UK does mean that most dogs get snapped up by other centres before reaching them so we could be in for a wait.  Seeing all the dogs they had in residence though was heartbreaking and I desperately wanted to take them all home, although the home is set in stunning grounds so it isn’t all bad for them.

Blean Woods walk

Woodland dens, woodpeckers and walking

En route to the home, we’d passed a couple of parking areas for woodland walks and as the sun had come out properly by this point, we decided to pop to a local supermarket and get some snacks and drinks and head back to the woods for a walk.  On the way back, I spotted a swarm of something hovering in the road ahead and there was no option to avoid it so I drove straight through it, not even having time to close the windows.  I really did think for a moment that the apocalypse had come!  The tap, tap, tapping of the insects hitting the windscreen made me feel quite queasy!  When we got to the car park, we discovered a lone bee crawling inside the car so guessed it was bees that we’d hit.  I have never seen anything like it before!

Blean Woods Canterbury

Wicker creations, ants nests and carved tree stumps

But now we were at the woods and the path stretched before us temptingly, the sun dappling the ground through the trees.  We didn’t take the pushchair despite choosing the accessible route so decided to follow a short circular path.  On the way around, we found lots of fun surprises, and some not so fun.  There were totem poles, wicker animals and insects and lots of real creepy crawlies that even gave me the heebie jeebies!  It was a fantastic, unexpected afternoon and now we know it’s there, we’ll definitely head back another time with better provisions.  Bear managed to walk all the way which much be her first long walk.  The Baby Jogger is on borrowed time.  I can see us moving to a lightweight stroller very soon!

Margate Meltdown

Margate Meltdown

On Monday, we decided to have lunch in Margate among the bikers and crowds enjoying the celebration of all things motorcycle and scooter in the now annual Margate Meltdown event.  It was busy, busy, busy and difficult to get about with a sleeping Bear in the pushchair, but we managed to grab some food and sat on the King’s Steps to eat it, enjoying some people watching whilst doing so.

Margate Beach

Fun on Margate Main Sands

Then we headed to the beach, having promised Bunny we would and played in the sand, building sandcastles, finding different sized pieces of chalk and digging holes for Bunny to jump in and fill with sand again.  Bear finally found the confidence to walk barefoot on the sand and really enjoyed herself eventually!  We finished with an ice cream as we wandered back to the car, all a little more tanned, and a lot more exhausted than when we’d arrived.  It marked the end of a really great Bank Holiday!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill badge

Linking up with Fiona at Coombe Mill’s Country Kids Linky to celebrate getting outside with the children. Lots!

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One comment on “Woodland Walking and Beach Fun
  1. What a wonderful fun filled bank holiday you all had. I love the contrast of the woodland walk and the beach. I have never been to Margate, looks like the same golden sand as Cornwall against a very different backdrop. Wonderful to have so much fun so close to home and rather like your large creepy crawlies in the woods! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

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