two year old child

At two and a half

Today, Bear is two and a half years old. My second-born is now more child than baby and there are only a few clues left to those early days of her life.

newborn baby

She is still very attached to her dummy, having taken to it very early on when I needed a break from her constant suckling. She’d put on a lb in her first 5 days of life, and I was starting to get concerned she might pop if she carried on at that rate!!  Unfortunately, her and her dummy are now inseparable, although we draw the line at daytime dummy and she is only allowed it for bed now. Not that this stops her asking! All day long!

six month old baby

Another remnant of babyhood that is stubbornly sticking around are the nappies.  Much as I love a cloth bum, it is getting to the point now that she is so determined to stay in them that I wonder if she’ll ever be able to start school! We’ve tried a gentle approach by getting her pretty knickers to wear, but when she tries them on, she just asks us to take them off again and put her nappy back on! Not quite the way we’d expected her to react.

one year old baby

On the flipside, her language development continues to amaze me as she speaks with such clear diction that it has become hard to imagine a little girl that didn’t speak. And she waited until she was two to start so has come on in leaps and bounds in the last six months! Unfortunately, some of her more repetitive requests seem to include, “I wanna cuddle mummy!”; “I want my buh-fly dummy!”; “Can I hold your hair?” and “Hang on!”. And of course, the standard quote from a two year old, “Me wanna do it!”, whenever we try to help her with something she is obviously struggling with.  She is also counting to eleven confidently, but gets a bit lost after that at the moment which is quite amusing.

18 month old baby

Her drawing is already catching up with her sister’s and her ‘people’ actually resemble something with a head, body, legs and arms which continues to impress us. She plays so well, both with her sister and on her own and will often wander off to create some imaginary scene with her Happyland people or the Ben and Holly characters. She also loves her Baby Annabelle and will change her nappy and comfort her if she is upset – which seems to happen often.  

two year old child

The one thing she is still unable to do well though is sleep and this is probably the cause of most frustration. She needs help getting to sleep in the first place, having to pull at my hair as we lie together in the dark and then once asleep will usually wake not long after midnight and get out of bed and just stand knocking on her door until one of us goes to her. Once again, she needs help going back to sleep and will end up co-sleeping with one of us so that we all get at least some sleep. Unfortunately, the hair pulling makes it a little difficult for whoever is unlucky enough for her to reach out to, but it’s preferable to her screaming.  She will have a mostly restless night and then wake anywhere between 6.30 and 7am, although very occasionally will go a little later. Most days she doesn’t take a nap, but since having chicken pox before Christmas, she has started having them every now and again.

2andahalf b

Despite all of this, she is the most fun and loving child I could ever imagine. She has a multitude of funny faces to pull, can put her sister down with just a stare and loves cuddles more than anything else in the world. She talks with such excitement about even the most banal experiences and worships her big sister. I cannot imagine a minute without this little ray of sunshine in my life and when she isn’t having a tantrum (and taking herself off to sit at the top of the stairs to calm down!), she is laughing and giggling, and chatting to us, to her sister, to the puppy, to the cat or even to the dolls, Happyland people or birds in the garden.

I am constantly amazed by how different she is to her much more sensitive big sister and I swear she keeps me sane with her retorts and reactions to her sister’s dramatics. I am so lucky to have this fantastic little girl in my life and will be forever grateful she chose us.

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