Turning Six

6th birthday batgirl

In March, Bunny turned six years old. She still weighs the same as her little 3 year old sister, but she is getting taller. Tall and skinny. And feisty, Did I mention the feisty??

fringe cuttings

Her determination and confidence is growing faster than her body. Just days before her birthday, she snuck off and cut herself a fringe. She hid the hair she chopped off and then clipped it back so I wouldn’t notice. That confidence I mentioned. That determination at play. A feisty little minx. At first I was horrified and then I had to laugh at her audacity. And actually it suited her. She got away with it and she knew it!

Daydreaming Bunny

At school her teacher tells us that she is growing more confident too. Less likely to well up when he snaps her out of her daydream to get on with her work. More likely to get on with it and do it conscientiously. She suddenly wants to do well, to be top of her class.

children Reading

Reading is easy now as she picks up book after book to read to herself or aloud to her sister. She is still struggling with her writing but it is getting better as her right hand starts to take dominance. She hasn’t quite got the hang of numbers, but she’s not giving up and mostly enjoys the challenge of trying new sums, and teaching her little sister about adding and taking away.


But her biggest achievement is her swimming. She  can’t quite make it across the pool in one go, but she’s not far off at all now. She loves being in the water and when I took her and her sister swimming, neither of them wanted to get out of the pool. It’s wonderful to see their confidence in and around water, especially as we live by the sea and will spend a lot of the summer in and around it.

Lego penguins

I love watching her explore the world as she finds her way in it. She is starting to make up her own mind about what she does and doesn’t like rather than simply following the crowd. Her new passion is Transformers and she actually cries if she hears any songs from Frozen, they offend her so much now!  She is really enjoying creating things with the Lego she got for her birthday, but will also happily sit for hours drawing, cutting, sticking and painting.

Bunny's smile

She is not a gifted and talented child, and is pretty average academically and developmentally from what I can tell, but she shines brighter than any star when her smile beams back at me. And that is all that matters: that she continues to smile and enjoy life and all it has to offer.

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One comment on “Turning Six
  1. don says:

    She looks beautiful and can I just say kids are more resilient than we give them credit for. My two cut each other’s fringe a long long time ago. I love the penguin. Plus her fringe looks great. Happy birthday Bunny. Xxx

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