Trying to Conceive – My Journey with Assisted Conception

My partner and I got civil partnered last summer and knew almost straight away we wanted to start trying for a baby.  I was always going to be the one to carry it and after a bit of uncertainty, my broody hormones kicked in and I can’t wait to be pregnant.

In September we started reading books and forums about how to conceive and I have been taking my temperature at around 7am every morning since.  I also stopped drinking tea and swapped to a herbal blend of oat straw, raspberry leaf, red clover, rosehip and nettle. I also started taking Boots Mum to be Plus capsules, omega 3 fish oils, evening primrose oil, milk thistle, dong quai and agnus castus.

I then started looking at my diet – we have swapped to lots of organic foods and eat tons more veg with only meat a couple of times a week.  I make my own cereal which is mostly nuts mixed with oats and honey and also my own tomato soup to ensure I’m not having anything nasty I don’t know about.  And of course I pretty much gave up drinking alcohol.  We also changed to organic tampons, soap, shampoo and deodorant as well.  It’s a holistic thing I believe.

The next stage was to go and see some specialists, so we went along to a couple of open evenings at the London Women’s Clinic and signed up to start treatment there.  I had my initial scan and a good chat with a doctor and then we were given a counselling appointment.  We waited in for them to call one morning and nothing.  It turned out they’d forgotten.  So we made another appointment and waited in again.  But this time they’d forgotten to tell the counsellor it had been booked.  So we talked about it and agreed to go elsewhere – two missed appointments didn’t bode well for the important stuff.

We booked an appointment at the Homerton – it wasn’t until December, but we figured it was worth the wait.  Then once we’d had that I had an HSG (as I’d had my appendix out) and then a month later our counselling.  Another 6 weeks and we had our follow-up appointment and then booked in to see the nurse another 6 weeks later.  All this waiting was driving me insane!

In the meantime, we’d found ourselves a sperm donor from a clinic in Denmark and we were lucky enough to get a really good pen portrait of him making the decision much easier.  I almost fell in love with the guy from some of his answers.  He just seems too good to be true so we’re hopeful he’s right for us!

So now we’re here.  I had a scan on day 8 of my cycle (CD8) and the results weren’t brilliant so they had me go in for another one on CD10.  This time it was better.  I was given a HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) trigger shot and told to use OPKs (Ovulation Prediction Kits) and when I got a positive do the shot and call to book the insemination.  It was a bank holiday weekend so I was hopeful it would work out to be the bank holiday Monday, but it didn’t – I even tested lunchtime and evening that day to make sure.

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