My life is balancing on the precipice of tomorrow but I’m not quite ready to fall off it yet. Tomorrow holds so many unknowns and challenges that I am not sure if I am holding back from it through fear or complacency.

I am convinced that things will be better tomorrow, but I am also scared that I could be wrong. But once you step into the future, it’s too late to go back. Yesterday becomes the past.

So what if I take a leap and then wish I hadn’t? Will I tumble downwards like Thelma and Louise or soar high like Superman?

There is no way of knowing for sure without taking that leap of faith but I might just hold on for a little bit longer. Somehow the waiting for tomorrow to (perhaps never) come is giving me hope that if and when it does I will be prepared for it and not taken by surprise, like a rude alarm clock disturbing my dreams and shattering my peace.

One day tomorrow will come, and one day I will stand up to it and smile at the sunrise, eyes wide open and awake, ready for whatever it holds for me.

Prose for Thought