blogging space

Time to slow down

As I mentioned in my blogoversary post, I’d like to really focus on becoming a better writer and better photographer to, in turn, make my blog better.

blogging space

Space to write

I’ve been trying to work out how to do this as my blog takes up so much of the little spare time I have that there isn’t time to do anything else. So I’ve been reading around and the consensus is to blog less. I think in my quest for page views, I’ve forgotten that blogging should not be about quantity but quality. Better to only post occasionally and post imaginative, readable content than to post frequently and not feel the passion behind the words. It even has a name, Slow Blogging, created by (or at least atrributed to) Todd Sieling in 2006.

So this is where I will start. I’ll reduce the amount of posts I write each week. It will be hard because I do enjoy the end of day writing and quite often there is also a linky I want to join. But not joining in every week doesn’t mean I have to stop reading the links that are shared. And the daily writing can be done to make one post brilliant rather than lots of posts average.

It will give me more time to read and to experiment. It will give me more time to think about the direction I’m taking. And more time to chat to other bloggers about their art – be it writing like Bex at the MummyAdventure, Charlotte at Write Like No-One’s WatchingMummy Plum, or Judith at Secrets of the Sandpit; photography like Jay at CosmicGirlie, Kelle at Maggie Stone, Lucy at Capture by Lucy, Hayley at Shutterflies or Kirsty at My Two Mums; even creativity like Annie at Mammasaurus, or Lucie at Fly Lula. And just about anyone else whose blog I read and enjoy (if I follow you on BlogLovin’ then that means you!) but can’t list here as it’ll take all night! You all influence me, and make me want to be better and try harder.

I want to keep learning and growing and hope that in my quest to be better at writing that I will also inspire or move you too. Please don’t desert me if you don’t hear from me every day. It’s just me enjoying life with my family and not necessarily recording every tiny detail.