Three is the magic number

Since Bear started nursery school in September, she has become obsessed with numbers. She looks for them everywhere and claims various numbers are her favourite as she spots them. In the cinema, we all had to shuffle round so she could sit in seat number 7 as that was her favourite number, but later that day she wanted to have the third cake in the packet as 3 was her favourite number, because she is 3 of course!

Forget toys, give her a digital clock and she is entertained for hours as the display randomly gives her new numbers to be thrilled by. “Mummy! Look! It’s a 4!” she shouts with excitement. “Look Mummy! Now it’s a 5!”

child watching clock at night

Clock-watching has never been so exciting! She wakes up in the morning and crawls over to lie on her tummy and stare at the clock. At night, we tell her to go to sleep, but she is far too interested in watching the clock as it counts time. While we sit there cursing the passing minutes that eat into our grown up time.

She confidently counts to 19 (and then decides eleventeen must come next) and loves asking us how many fingers she’s holding up. If there is more than one of anything, she’ll count them, and then count them again.

children bingo game

After a slightly worrying parents’ evening with Bunny’s teacher, my parents suggested I play bingo with the girls, so I picked up a bingo game in a charity shop and showed the girls how to play. I didn’t for one second expect Bear to get it, but hoped it might help Bunny with her number recognition and fluency, while exposing Bear to more numbers than usual.

child bingo game

However, not only did they both recognise every number that came up, but Bear was easily able to match them to the numbers on her card. I was delighted and they really enjoyed the game.

As someone who struggles with numbers, this has all been highly amusing for me to witness, but on the other hand, I am very proud of her grasp of digits and how they impact on our everyday lives. I hope her enthusiasm carries on and her learning continues to blossom.

It is wonderful to see such excitement from her. I only hope she doesn’t embarrass me with her prowess as she becomes more confident!

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8 comments on “Three is the magic number
  1. Don says:

    Wait till it comes to multiplication my mum told me seven sevens are forty nine and she departed this world fifty years ago. Numbers are such fun I remember working in old pounds and ounces and being able to work out costs at pence per ounce as a shop boy over forty years ago. Now all done by computers and tills kids dont understand basics. Keep teaching your girls, numbers are such fun I still play with numbers on a clock and I am sixty next birthday.

  2. I never thought of bingo with Dylan but I bet he would love it! What a clever little bear

  3. It’s brilliant how excited she is by numbers and learning. Bingo is a great idea for making this fun too.

  4. This is such a lovely story. Gwenn is nearly two and got some Duplo with numbers on, which have quickly become her favourite thing ever and she likes to point at them although I’m not sure at what point she’ll understand what a number actually is?!?!



  5. It is so lovely that she has such an interest in numbers 🙂 This is my thing too and I am glad to say that Grace seems to be taking after me. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  6. This is such a nice post! My son is also learning numbers and I just realized how fun bingo is before! Thanks for sharing =) #pocolo

  7. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Bless her…She sounds such a bright little girl….
    For such a long time my youngest was convinced Twenteen followed 19….hehehe x

  8. Carla S says:

    How lovely that they enjoyed the game! It’s so lovely when kids are enthusiastic about learning 🙂

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