Third Birthday Present Ideas

Bear is very lucky because her older sister already has lots of wonderful toys they can both play with, although this does make buying for her birthday more difficult as there’s very little she needs or her sister doesn’t already have to pass down to her. But as she has a summer birthday we’ve used it as an opportunity to invest in toys that are more fun for out in the garden. And for her third birthday present it was no different.

swing slider

My parents upgraded their single swing to this fantastic swing & slider frame which has been a massive hit and also eradicated any arguments about whose turn it is at last.

hedstrom seesaw

We got the girls a climbing frame and slide last summer, so this year, we completed the ‘park in the garden’ set with this seesaw that also works as a roundabout.

water gun girl

We also bought them a water gun each and despite them seeming huge in little hands, they have proven easy to use (and lots and lots of fun)!

tuff spot messy play

We invested in a Tuff Spot tray for them to use in the garden for contained messy play and have already done finger painting, general painting and played with bubble mix in it.

magiclip belle doll

Bear’s favourite imaginative play toys have been the Kinder Egg mini Disney princesses that we collected earlier this year, so my parents also bought her this MagiClip Belle who came in a little bag with two dresses to change into.

Peppa Pig snakes and ladders game

She also got this giant Peppa Pig snakes & ladders game which is perfect for little people to play as they learn to count.

Another success was a Barbie styling head as she loves playing with hair and I desperately want to keep mine – but her hairdressing skills aren’t quite what I’m used to!


And, as we were going to be at Camp Bestival for her actual birthday, we got a facepainting kit that she could open there which was a massive hit then and ever since – there aren’t many weekends where I’m not asked to do some facepainting now! Not that I’m quite like the professionals!!!

Disney Princess Dresses

My sister bought her a couple more princess dresses which she barely takes off – I always wonder why we need so many but as they live in them, I think they’d be in rags if she only had one or two!

And my other sister got her a couple of princess Sindy-type dolls and some extra dresses for them as Bear always had to share her sister’s; this has sometimes been problematic when Bunny decides that actually they’re hers and Bear can no longer have the one she’s playing with (gotta love siblings)!

A good friend got her a wonderful Disney Princess games compendium which has a traditional puzzle, domino tiles, memory game tiles, and picture blocks and her uncle introduced a bit of fun into the mix with a Frankenstein’s monster operation style game that has caused much hilarity as he shakes and buzzes when their little hands aren’t quite dextrous enough to extract the body part. A great game for developing their fine motor skills though!

Of all the presents she got this year, there hasn’t been one that has been a disappointment as her and her sister have loved playing with everything together. Now we just have Christmas to think about but I’m pretty certain Princess Sofia will be making an appearance as she’s the new obsession!

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3 comments on “Third Birthday Present Ideas
  1. ERFmama says:

    Happy birthday! 🙂

    Some lovely photos and presents. 😀

    I just had to check out that tray, because I have been looking for it for ages but I could never remember what it was called! 🙂


  2. I absolutely adore the picture of her in a princess dress running around with a gigantic water gun!! #PoCoLo

  3. Great idea on the climbing frame set – it definitely benefits both of them 🙂 I too love that photo of her in the princess dress with the water gun. Such a gorgeous face 🙂 Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

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