Thinking. Too hard. Too much

As my dreams rip apart or some such
Horror that sees them intrude with
Tinges of sadness and regret.
I want to be happy, but i’m not there yet.
A life that spiralled out of control
Deeper and deeper I fell into a hole
That got darker and further away
From where i wanted to be.

I lost track and I’ve lost me.

As I try to claw my way back out

My head is filled with doubt
And feelings of fear and loathing
For a life that sucked the joy out of life.
I made a mistake when i met my wife.
She isn’t all to blame for sure
It’s only now that I’ve realised I want more
Than she wants, than she needs:
A life of adventure and of fun.
Not stuck at home hiding from the sun.
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6 comments on “Thinking
  1. Very honest, very frank. I admire this a lot. #Prose4T

  2. This is very powerful and moving, and very brave x #Prose4T

  3. Very honest, but not bitter – a difficult balance to strike #proseforthought

  4. Honest, powerful and very emotional xx #prose4t

  5. Emily Page says:

    Painful and honest. Respect. #Prose4T

  6. Honest, powerful and heartbreaking. I hope you both get what you need . X

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