The Theme Game: Doorway

The Theme Game: Doorway

A little girl peered down beneath the leaves of the honeysuckle that crept up the fence in her garden. She was certain she could see something she had never noticed before, but couldn’t be sure. It looked like a tiny door, but what was it doing there and where did it come from?

She called her little sister over to see and immediately she pointed at it; “Dawr!” she squealed. The older girl shrugged as she realised that two year olds don’t see anything strange about a tiny door appearing out of nowhere.

The two of them lay down on the sun-warmed grass to watch the door, hoping that something might happen to provide answers to their many questions. The older child did not speak hers aloud, but the younger one babbled away about fairies and elves and cats and bunnies. Eventually, she bored of the inactivity and wandered off to push her dolls around the garden in their pram.

Just as she was about to give up as well, the older girl caught something in the corner of her eye. The door was sparkling, ever so subtly, but it had a glimmer around it that hadn’t been there before. She blinked a couple of times and stared harder at it. Very slowly, the door began to open and as it did so, a bright pink light beamed out from it.

There were no fairies or elves, or even cats and bunnies. Instead, a tiny version of herself appeared in front of her, dressed in pink, with pink hair instead of the golden blonde of her twin.

“Hello!” the teeny figure smiled. “Welcome to pink world. Would you like to come and see it?”

The girl gawped in silence, not quite sure if she should believe what she was seeing and hearing. She was old enough by now to know this was not normal, but her childlike wonder still lingered. And it was this that made her shuffle forwards on her knees towards the open door and the miniature version of herself. As she blinked again in the dazzling light that by now was shining directly in her eyes, she was astonished to find herself on the other side of the doorway. As expected, everything around her was pink, the trees and houses and even horses galloping past, resplendent in their colours.


She spent a wonderful afternoon, playing with her pink alter ego in a park with pink swings and a pink slide and a pink playhouse. Large pink birds flew in the sky and a pink river flowed through the far end. The two girls ate strawberry ice creams in pink cones and sipped strawberry milkshakes from pink glasses.

All too soon, the pink girl told her she had to go home for dinner and it was then that she remembered. Her sister was always talking about the pink world. This was what she meant! While the rest of her family dismissed it as toddler twaddle, it was real. And now her big sister had seen it too. But, as much as she loved the colour pink, she couldn’t help but feel sad that the world she knew was diluted to a single colour. She missed the green of the grass and the blue of the summer sky.

She headed back in the direction she had come. As she came to the doorway back into her own world, she gave her new friend a hug and promised to come back to play another time. And then as she blinked again, she was back in her world, the technicolour world that she knew and loved. As she ran towards her house, she felt glad that the side of the doorway she stood on held so much colour, so much promise.

This is my first entry into the new Theme Game hosted by The Reading Residence. It was inspired by the frequent references Bear keeps making to her pink world and the seeming obsession with the colour pink that Bunny has.

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6 comments on “The Theme Game: Doorway
  1. This is wonderful and so fun. I love that it was inspired by your daughters imaginations x #TheThemeGame

  2. This is so much fun! Wonderful to create something like this from your daughter. Love how you wrote it in different colours, too. Thanks for joining in with #TheThemeGame x

  3. How lovely you use your daughters imaginations to fuel your own too. Thanks for linking up with #TheThemeGame

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