The Vampire

Sucking joy out of every memory, fresh or old. The constant darkness and fight for some light.
My passive aggression is the cost of losing the energy to fight against you. I literally cannot be bothered anymore. Say what you will, think what you like, I have given up.
You have taken away my passion, my excitement, my joie de vivre. Every precious moment is turned into something negative, something derisive. I do not communicate with you because I no longer care to hear your angry, nasty comments on unrelated issues. I just want to share in the joy of the moment.
I don’t care if white people are too reserved to sing loudly at a carol service, especially when you didn’t sing at all. Nor do I care for your thoughts on the ‘rubbish’activity that my daughter enjoys. If you don’t have something nice to say, then please just shut the fuck up.
I wanted to learn to love you again but it’s impossible to love someone so full of hate and bile. Just look at the world around you through the eyes of our children and see the wonder and magic of it all instead of the grey, miserable template you offer up.
And if you can’t learn to do that then there is no future for us.

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