The Nightingale Sang

Finally today I cried
Not for me, but for her
And the tiny baby.
Lives so cruelly denied.

I step out into the cold
It pierces exposed skin.
I think only of them,
Desperation untold.

Unspoken sadness and pain
That pushed her to the edge,
That made a decision
That this was her end-game.

Her certain steps pushed forwards
Through corridors and out
Into a freezing night,
Freeze-framed her last records.

What should be a joyous time
Went so horribly awry.
What did the world do wrong?
How did they miss the signs?

I hope that now you’re at peace
And you can find the calm,
The serenity and
An end to your grief.

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2 comments on “The Nightingale Sang
  1. I cried when I heard the news yesterday and I cried when I read this poem. Beautiful. You’ve written a stunning tribute xx #prose4t

  2. So terribly sad, and this is an incredibly beautiful poem x #Prose4T

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