The Fat Lady Sang

Monday – CD27 – 2ww -12

So my period came with a vengence late last night so I was right.  Still lower temperature this morning and still bleeding heavily so went to the dr on my way into work – she got me to stretch my leg out in front of me and then behind me and told me to take nurofen!  That was a waste of time.

So I called the clinic and told them it was day 1 and I wanted to do a medicated IUI cycle and was told to call reception and book day 2 and 3 scans.

Eventually got through to reception who told me they didn’t do scans on Tuesday so booked me in for Wednesday.  Let’s hope that’s ok??

So back in the saddle and here we go again.  Told work I have a suspected cyst (which isn’t really a lie) and have to go for a scan on Wednesday to get it checked.  So at least this month I have something medical to use as an excuse that isn’t too far from the truth!  Makes it a whole lot less stressful.

The most annoying bit though is that my pain got really bad today – I had lower back pain as well, kept getting really dizzy and shaky and feeling sick.  By the time I got home I was knackered and just wanted to do nothing.  I really hope the scan shows something, but not anything that might affect this month’s treatment….

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