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Pushy parentsĀ – they’re the bread and butter of parenting and we’re all guilty of it occasionally. Aren’t we? Well actually, no. I don’t think I am. I desperately want my girls to succeed at whatever they turn their hands to, …

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A series of challenges, set-backs and even censorship have seen me lose my mojo recently, but as usual, I’m determined not to be beaten. After all, when everything else around me is getting me down, this is the one thing …

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Space to write

As I mentioned in my blogoversary post, I’d like to really focus on becoming a better writer and better photographer to, in turn, make my blog better. I’ve been trying to work out how to do this as my blog …

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One of my favourite bloggers, Monk-Monk from the Seattle-based blog Boof & Monk-Monk, has nominated me as a Versatile Blogger and to accept, I need to post 7 fun facts about me, so here we go: For a very short …

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