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Today, Bear is two and a half years old. My second-born is now more child than baby and there are only a few clues left to those early days of her life. She is still very attached to her dummy, having …

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Last week a new baby came to live with us in the shape of a Jack Russell/Cockerpoo cross.  However, this isn’t a newborn baby, it’s more like a second toddler. Sleep Just like all babies, our new baby isn’t too …

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Best Friends Forever

When children begin to talk, they give us an insight into their minds and also remind us exactly how much they understand.  Until they can speak, it’s easy to assume that they don’t quite get what we’re saying. Then suddenly, …

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No more a baby, not quite a child. The world around you frustrates as much as it delights. It amazes and astounds. It frightens and intimidates. The words to describe it not quite formed, your feelings apparent but not voiced. …

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Although it’s hard to remember our lives without her in it, Bear is going to be two tomorrow. Two years of breastfeeding my little lady (of which I am very proud). Two years of co-sleeping. Two years of new friends. …

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Bear was 20 months’ old this week so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to record some of her developments before I forget them. She isn’t “talking” as such yet, but is repeating words and starting to understand context.  She …

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