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Viking Bay in Broadstairs looking more like it should in mid-July

On Friday, the sun came out and as usual, when the sun shines, the visitors from London come out of the woodwork, keen to escape the oppressive heat of the city.  First I heard from my school friend who was …

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Tara at The Sticky Fingers blog set the challenge of ‘Self-Portrait’ for this week’s Gallery topic.  As I’m not really one to take photos of myself in the mirror, I thought I’d play with the idea of “self”.  Who am …

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They say youth is wasted on the young.  I have always taken this to mean that we fail to appreciate all the opportunities available to us while we were younger, and quite possibly are unable to take full advantage without the …

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Happiness is the sound of my girls laughing as they play together. Happiness is the sun shining in the sky and days on the beach. Happiness is a big cake just begging to be eaten. Happiness is getting my whole …

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This week’s Gallery suggestion from Tara at Sticky Fingers is Together. I have two girls, Bunny and Bear.  When I was pregnant with Bear, everyone assumed I’d want a boy so that I’d have one of each.  However, I am …

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