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I love dogs. The rescue dog we had when I was a teenager became my best friend and saw me through some tough times and I was devastated when he died of old age. That experience made me determined to …

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Christmas is over, my family have all gone home and we’re back to being just the four of us. Plus a puppy! The sun came out, the wind dropped and the fresh air was calling. It was time to take …

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Last week a new baby came to live with us in the shape of a Jack Russell/Cockerpoo cross. ¬†However, this isn’t a newborn baby, it’s more like a second toddler. Sleep Just like all babies, our new baby isn’t too …

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Hello Puppy

I would like to introduce the newest member of the family to you. At the moment she is called ‘Puppy’ as we’re yet to agree on her forever name. She is three months old and a Jack Russell, Cockapoo (Cocker …

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